Three Things to Put in Your Presentation Close

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Your presentation has done most of its work before you reach the close, but the close can elevate a very good presentation to a great one because it’s what the audience experiences last and remembers first. You want to include three things in your presentation close to have maximum impact and get your audience to take strong action. I outline the three aspects to a great close in this video.

Two Things You Need to Do in a Presentation Open

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You’ve heard enough people tell you about the importance of the open in your presentation. And you’ve probably sat through enough long, tedious opens to know how dreadful a boring open can feel in the audience. But how do you construct an open so it has real impact? That’s what I set out to show you in this video—and in less time than you might think. The open isn’t about length. It’s about impact. Take a look and leave me … Continue reading

The Power of Three’s in Presentations

Threes in presentations

Ever notice it’s easier to remember the area code on someone’s phone number than the last four digits of their number? That’s because the area code is three numbers. The last four digits are, well, four. Our minds quickly and easily connect to things that come in groups of threes. There are plenty of theories for why we do this. Three is the first prime number. We divide time into past, present, and future, and we live in a 3-dimensional … Continue reading

Five High Impact Do’s and Don’ts for Presenters and Speakers

Five Things Presenters Should Do

When it comes to presentations we all speak the same language: body language. We both speak and listen in body language. It makes sense then that better body language will lead to better results in presentations. Here are five do’s and don’ts for presenters that you can put to use immediately for high impact results. The single most important thing to strive for in body language is to look natural. You can look natural long before you actually feel comfortable … Continue reading