Man-hug or Handshake? How Do You Know What to Do?

Shake hands

If you were to meet the Queen of England etiquette dictates that as a man you refer to her as “your majesty” and if you reside in the United Kingdom you bow. If you don’t reside in the UK, then you should extend your right hand after she extends hers to shake hands. You should also never turn your back on the queen. Pretty straight forward and simple. If you were to meet the President of the United States you … Continue reading

The Three Things Your Audience Really Wants

What audiences want

I work with executives and professionals across the country on communication and presentation skills. Most of them have a preconceived notion that puts them off course before they even get to the front of the room: They think they have to strive for perfection. Good luck with that. It’s worthwhile to try to improve. We all want to get better, but striving for perfection is a wast of time for a couple of reasons: It’s not a realistic goal. It’s … Continue reading

What to do With Your Hands in a Presentation

Hands, Presentations

Ever have this happen: you walked to the front of the room to give your presentation and suddenly began to wonder, why do I have hands? What should I do with my hands while giving my presentation? Why won’t my hands go away? Why are my hands so damn needy right now? You probably don’t think about your hands very often. You use them all the time. You just don’t think about them. Until you get in front of the … Continue reading

How to Breathe Past Presentation Stress

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Everyone feels anxiety before a presentation or a speech. Everyone. But the people who know how to shine in front of the room understand how to manage that anxiety and put it to use for them instead of against them. In this video I’ll share with you two simple, but powerful, techniques that will help you breathe past presentation stress so you settle into your presentation faster and more effectively. The key isn’t figuring out some magical way to avoid … Continue reading