The Power of Eye Contact in Presentations

A woman's eye with the iris colored in blue

How you use your eyes during your presentation can have a dramatic impact on the success or failure of that presentation. One of the keys to turning a presentation into a conversation is using your eyes in a way that connects to the audience and makes the audience feel more comfortable. To do that, you have to know what to do with your eyes and how to practice using better eye contact. I’ll show you both in this video:

Present from the Heart. The Results will Astound You.

Gerry Sandusky at a podium speaking from the heart

I was speaking to a group of bank branch managers recently, delivering a keynote called The Crooked Yardstick. The title comes from a lesson my mom taught me years ago that if you measure material using a crooked yardstick, the finished garment will still look like it’s the right size but something will feel off to the person who puts it on—and they won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong because it looks right. My mom was a tremendously … Continue reading

Seeing Past the Wheelchair—a Powerful Perspective

Rahkeem, Gerry Sandusky taking a photo

I know a young man named Rakeem Bowdry who wants to become a public speaker, and I plan on helping him do it. Rakeem already has a powerful message. He wants to help people see past the wheelchair he sits in and see the person that he is. He wants to do that for everyone in a wheelchair. We’ve had several conversations in recent weeks in which Rakeem has shared with me his frustration that when people first meet him or … Continue reading

Creating Wow Moments in Presentations

A parking lot in fall with the leaves of trees changing colors

In the northeast change comes conspicuously in November. The colors of leaves shift from green to gold, red, burnt orange and a hundreds shades of each before the leaves disappear all together for winter’s dormancy. On some days, like the day I took the photo of the trees to the right of this blog entry, the change literally stopped me. I pulled over my car, took in the colors, and took a photo. It was a wow moment. That’s the … Continue reading