The Art of Question and Answer Sessions

A woman giving an interview on CNBC

The latest Republican political debate had one major surprise: Donald Trump didn’t talk for a 28 minute stretch. It also had one key teaching point for anyone who does a question and answer session in presentation: Start your answer where the question ends, not where you want. Carly Fiorina made this mistake a couple of times. When asked a question by one of the moderators, she began with, “I want to go back to…” Whoa. That’s not have Q & … Continue reading

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Impact

Ravens Charter Flight wing from a different angle

This season with the Ravens struggling to a 1-5 start, a lot of people ask me if it’s hard on me as the play-by-play voice of the team. I suppose it could be if I let it, but I don’t. I feel bad for members of the front office, the coaches, the players, the people whose jobs, lives, families, revolve around the outcome of games on Sundays. But I never let myself fall prey to feeling like I’m not the … Continue reading

The Trick with Time in a Presentation

A look from behind the audience in a presentation

More than a few times when I have quoted my speaking fee to a company or association they have tried to negotiate by saying, “But you’re only talking for an hour. That’s a lot of money for an hour.” To which I respond, “I’m not a plumber. You’re not hiring me for an hour. You’re hiring me for the three decades of experience I’ll bring to your audience. That’s about 55,000 hours of experience. Still want to pay me by … Continue reading