Technology Doesn’t Always Help Your Presentation

Inside of a plane with the in-flight movie

I love technology, but like all things, technology has its downside too—especially when it comes to presentations. I experienced a classic example of  this recently on a flight to the west coast. I got on the plane, a jumbo 777-200, and as I settled into my seat I noticed the screens built into the back of the seats and in the front of the cabin were all standard definition and fairly poor quality. A few years ago this was cutting … Continue reading

Don’t Let Set Up Lead to Failure

A podium overlooking folding chairs in a cement park

I was walking by city hall in San Jose, California when I saw someone setting up for a presentation on a large concrete patio outside of the main entrance. I’m not sure what the presentation was for, but judging from the set up, I’m fairly certain it was boring. Look at how far away the podium is from the rows of chairs. The audience is already floating in the middle of a concrete oasis, the poor speaker who gets stuck … Continue reading

Communication Style of Leaders

Gerry Sandusky and John Harbaugh on a field

Not long ago I happened to be talking with Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh when former St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles coach Dick Vermeil came over to say hello to Harbaugh. Both coaches have won a Super Bowl and both have similar approaches to leadership. Some might even call it “old school.” I put that in quotes because I think the phrase “old school” gets misunderstood more often than not. If something is old, it’s been around for awhile … Continue reading

What a Gas Pump Can Teach You about Presentations

A typical gas pump

In the age of automation, when you pull into the gas station to fill up your tank with gas, you encounter a beep-filled presentation—and not a good one, either. You put your credit or debit card in the card reader and the machine beeps at you: Credit or Debit? You press a button. Beep. Another question: What’s your zip code? Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep as you punch in the numbers. Beep. Next question: Do you want a car wash … Continue reading