How to Close to a Presentation

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I frequently ask my seminar audiences the one presentation skill they most want to learn (If you would like to see how I do that, this short video will show you). One of the common answers is “How to be more effective with my close.” Too often presentations end like balloons losing air. They just fade until the presenter mercifully lands on the last slide. Here’s a better way: Build your close around asking your audience what you want your audience … Continue reading

What Debates Remind Us About Miscommunication

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I don’t often open a blog post with a disclaimer, but I feel the need to this time: I honor your right to your political views and I have no interest in changing or influencing those views. What I want to do is use the national stage to show you how we leaders really communicate—whether they know it or not. The ten men in the prime time Republican debate each has his detractors and supporters. Each has his own personal … Continue reading