Develop Your Skills Before Using Tools

A Canadian guitar shop with many acoustic guitars

Recently I took my son to a guitar store to shop for a new acoustic guitar. My son is an excellent guitar player and wants to expand into more production and performing. He needed the tool to do that, a performance caliber acoustic guitar. While he tried out different guitars I wandered around the store noticing the wide range of prices in guitars. One thought came to me: if you don’t know how to play the guitar then it doesn’t … Continue reading

The Power of Reputation in Communication

Tom Brady in jersey

Tom Brady’s lost NFL appeal will cost him more than four games and $1.88 million dollars in salary. It will cost him strength of reputation. Regardless of whether you like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, only a fool would question his accomplishments as a QB. He built a reputation as a winner. Now his reputation tilts in a very different direction. The Patriots will be aggressive in defending Brady. They already have. But a sea of press releases … Continue reading

Add Some Fireworks to Your Presentations

A 4th of July Fireworks display over a city

  If you’re like most Americans you had a chance to enjoy watching fireworks over the weekend. I saw a spectacular show from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I watched with my wife from a friend’s rooftop deck in Federal Hill. Two things really jumped out at me about this and most fireworks shows I’ve seen over the year. The beginning gets everyone excited. The sun sets. Everything is dark. Then Bang! It begins with a explosion of light. You can feel … Continue reading