Communicating When You Aren’t Talking

A highway with traffic and traffic signs

We live in a politically correct world—or at the very least a world that punishes people when they get caught speaking in terms that aren’t politically correct. But we still haven’t caught on to the idea that we have options with our body language. I made a turn onto a main road the other day when an aggressive driver cut into my lane. I hit the horn to make sure he saw me and didn’t hit me. He responded by … Continue reading

Clocking How You Handle Change

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Now that we have jumped ahead an hour following daylight savings time, have you changed the time on the clock in your car. Some car clocks do it automatically, but many—like mine—still require pulling out the owner’s manual to figure out how to do it. As I glanced over at my clock driving in to work today, I found myself going through the same five steps we all go through anytime something changes in our life. Step 1: Denial—no I don’t … Continue reading