Slow Down When You Stumble

A presentation or ceremony with an audience watching

A friend of mine recently earned her doctorate degree and as I sat through the commencement ceremony I watched one speaker after the next make a common public speaking mistake. Every time the speaker stumbled on a word or misspoke, he accelerated his speaking pace, trying to somehow catch up with his cadence. This isn’t a gender trait. Every female made the same mistake. The awkward acceleration accompanies a surge in adrenaline that speakers feel when misspeak to a large … Continue reading

Leaders are Always Communicating

A presenter looking over the crowd

When it comes to communicating, leaders don’t have a choice. They are always communicating—even when they aren’t talking. The photo of Ravens coach John Harbaugh shortly after his team’s loss to the San Diego Chargers on a last second touchdown reinforces that point. During his press conference, Harbaugh’s body language said far more than his words. The transcript of this press conference would lead you to believe the coach felt sad, maybe a little disappointed, very matter of fact. The … Continue reading