Forgotten Sundays Video

The Forgotten Sundays Book by Gerry Sandusky

Every so often you get asked a question so many times that you realize you might as well have the answer ready. My new book Forgotten Sundays is one of those topics. If you give me three minutes, I’ll give you the answers—at least some of them—that you may have about the book. To watch the Forgotten Sundays video, click here.

Finding Your Voice

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At one point this week, the popular NBC show The Voice ranked as the one of the four most searched phrases on Google. There’s something to this. American’s can consume music many different ways: iPods, satellite radio, Apple TV, laptops, etc. But they tune into this show in big numbers to watch other people try to find their voice. I think it speaks to our natural sense of wonder at people who volunteer to stand before crowds of any size—even … Continue reading

Exciting New Way to Help Clients

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Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Abel Communications, a Baltimore-based PR firm specializing in communications planning, media relations and strategic content development and placement.  Our partnership will offer unique Expert Development services to help executives communicate more effectively to important audiences, including employees, clients, prospects and the media.   To read more about the new program, please visit here: To read the full press release, please read here: