The Power of Honesty in Interviews

Haloti Ngata and Gerry Sandusky interview on live TV

So often in media interviews, the person on the receiving end of the question wants to avoid the truth on questions like, “Who is responsible for the screw ups on the health care websites?” Audiences today have become so experienced at watching the side-step that it really doesn’t work anymore. Poise and polish alone no longer get the job done. Truth is the new outlandish. I experienced that first hand earlier this week while doing an interview with Ravens defensive … Continue reading

The Hay’s in the Barn

Hay in the Barn meant to represent Gerry Sandusky's titular phraise

The question I get asked most often—other than questions about my name—is about the phrase “The hay’s in the barn.” I started to use the phrase several years ago during the broadcast near the end of a Ravens game after the play that seals a win. The first time I used the phrase, I didn’t even realize I said it, but so many people said it back to me through the course of the next week that I realized it … Continue reading