Four Things Leaders Must Communicate to a Team

A dock in Mexico presented in Media Coaching

While a snowstorm hits the northeast, I couldn’t resist looking back on some photos from a recent trip to Mexico. During a walk on the beach one morning, I came across a pier filled with different types of birds. Pelicans, blackbirds, seagulls, and sandpipers–each very different from the other, yet together they had all the elements of a team: They moved as a group; they had a clear pecking order of priority (Pelicans, seagulls, blackbirds, then sandpipers); they had a … Continue reading

PowerPoint and Handouts Should Look Different

A woman Media Coaching with a PowerPoint that uses too many words

I frequently hear from executives I coach that their boss wants them to use their PowerPoint print out as their handout. If that happens to you, then you need to tell your boss he or she is wrong–or hire us to do it for you. PowerPoint should look different from your handouts. Too often, presenters try to put everything that belongs on a handout onto a PowerPoint slide. The result is a slide that has way too much information jammed … Continue reading

The Best Reasons for Keeping the Worst Name in America

A grave for the father of Gerry Sandusky

Recently, as I boarded a flight, a colleague playfully chirped at me, “How’s it going Lee Harvey Oswald?” He was commenting on the double-take and triple-check of my driver’s license by the TSA agent who couldn’t quite get over seeing the name Gerry Sandusky. Yes, it sounds exactly like the convicted former Penn State coach who committed heinous crimes. But, for those paying close attention, you’ll notice we spell our names differently. Gerry with a G I’m Gerry with a … Continue reading

The Penn State Syndrome. The Need for Visual Symbols of Change

A football helmet from Gerry Sandusky

Yes, you can’t really miss the irony of Gerry Sandusky weighing in on a situation that traces back to Jerry Sandusky. For those of you late to the dance, we aren’t related. With that preamble out of the way, let’s dive into the importance of uniforms making a statement, and why any business leader facing a serious challenge to his or her company brand should pay close attention to Penn State. New Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien has, according … Continue reading